Take it to your city

If you are a sewage management company or an entity working on urban actions at public spaces and want to take WeloveWater to your city, then please contact us. We will give you free advice and other ideas on how to implement the action in your city. We just want to spread the movement as far as possible and fight the flushing of wet wipes and other non-biodegradable items.



Find a local artist


Find a local artist committed to fighting for the environment. Challenge her/him to come up with ideas to transform sewage and drainage covers to raise awareness that the sewage is an open window to the ocean.

Get approval to use public space


Get approval to paint at public spaces from the city council. Often the sewage management company sponsoring the art action can help out since they ‘own’ the sewage covers of the city. But, of course, each city is different.


And the rest is very easy……!